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Although the nursery-to-be looks like one big storage space right now due to the big switcheroo, I am still dreaming of all the little details that will go into the room.

I'm thinking that we'll incorporate color, vintage items, travel, maps, airplanes (since my hubby is studying to be an aerospace engineer), and something with the feel of chalkboard.

We already picked up a chair (for 13 bucks...whoop, whoop!) that I adore. It's definitely well-loved and not in perfect shape, but I love the vintage appeal and soft blue color. Plus, it's pretty cozy for rocking ;)

Our crib was given to us (thank you!), and although I thought I would paint it at first (I'm not a huge fan of it's light oak color), I decided to leave it as it is. We might end of selling it when we move anyway, so I don't really want to put too much effort into it :)

Here are some of my favorite inspirations + loves for the nursery:

{Spanish Alphabet Poster from Children Inspire}--did you know I have a degree in Spanish? Fun fact!

See more inspiration (that I'm always adding to!) on my Pinterest Nursery board. You can also check out what colors I'm digging on the board for the quilt/bedding inspiration (my hubby's grandma + mom are going to make baby a sweet quilt!). Of course, right now I'm just in the planning + scheming stage, so I know things can always change!

For me, the challenge is to keep it simple (since it's likely we'll be moving at the end of the year when Josh graduates), work with our little budget, and also use our space wisely. I want function + fun!

I'd love if you have any suggestions for fun places to gaze for nursery inspiration :) Or any fun storage ideas!

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  1. Love the mobile made from a map! I think you have some great ideas for a sweet nursery and it will be so special to have a quilt from your family :)


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