Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

Wow! It seems like these last few weeks have just flown by--and it seems that my belly decided to go on a growth spurt :)

I can hardly believe that in about 12-14 weeks I'll be holding our little boy in my arms--so crazy!

Baby stats: He's about the size of cucumber and just over 2 lbs--he's growing so fast now!

What's new: Stretch marks. I was really, really hoping to avoid getting them, but I didn't. A few weeks ago, Josh pointed out that I had one, and since then, more and more have appeared. I'm not exactly thrilled about them, but I'm thankful for the reminder that this little one is growing (and so am I...haha!)

Symptoms: Although heartburn has still been lingering here and there, I think that laying off all the holiday sweets/food has been helping a lot! Otherwise, apart from being sore here and there, I've been feeling pretty good :)

Movement: I've been feeling A LOT more of baby these past few weeks. It's fun (so far) to feel all his little jabs, kicks, and punches. Josh has even got to feel him move too--which was exciting! It's also been fun to watch the belly bounce when he's kicking!

Cravings: Not much--but I did ask Josh to make Jami Nato's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last week  and probably ate way too many of them. This week--laying off the sugar!

Exercise: Honestly, I've been pretty bad when it's come to exercising lately. For one, when my schedule is all over the place, I have trouble committing! Secondly, I've had a lot of ligament pain when I walk (just walking, not yoga or strength), so I find it hard to want to go and take a walk if it hurts. I'll try again this week and see how it goes!

What I miss: I think I'm hitting that point where I feel/look a lot more pregnant. Because of that, I'm also feeling a bit, well, rotund! I miss not feeling that way...but, carrying this wee one is worth all of that!

What I look forward to: Feeling more kicks, getting back into a routine + some more exercise, and maybe naming him. We have a few names we've tossed around, but have yet to find the name. Sometimes I wonder if he'll have a name by the time he's born...

Happy Monday!
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  1. you look great! I've had a sweet tooth lately too and now I wanna try those cookies!


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