Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

We are still in snowy + pretty Minnesota and soaking up a few last days of cooler weather and rest before heading back to life in Texas early next week.

Since I missed the 22 week bumpdate (it was a little busy!), I thought I'd get this one up before I forgot.

We've gotten a lot of baby items while here (and even a surprise baby shower!!), and it's definitely making this baby business feel a lot more real. It's weird to think that baby J will be here in less than 4 months. Yikes!

Next up on the agenda: registering. Even though getting baby stuff is fun, it is so overwhelming to decide what we'll need! So, if you have any suggestions, lay them on me!!

Anyway, here's the 24 week bump:

Baby stats: He's the size of an eggplant and just shy of 2 pounds...getting bigger by the day!

What's new: We know our little one is a boy! Also, a lot of my shirts are slowly, but surely, creeping up. Any suggestions for simple (and cheap!) maternity shirts?

Symptoms: Heartburn. Although it was worse about a week ago, if I'm not careful, I experience lots of heartburn. But eating small meals and less fatty foods has helped a lot.

Movement: I'm definitely feeling a lot more kicks and jabs, but know that more will come! I think our little guy is pretty low key, but when he's busy, he's got some moves :)

Cravings: Healthy food. It's probably more the fact that I've stuffed my face with junk for the last few weeks than pregnancy, but I look forward to getting back into eating better now that the holidays are over.

Exercise: Even though I got a few days of good exercise in before we left for our trip, I have been L-A-Z-Y during our travels. Anyone else find it hard to exercise while they are away from home?

What I miss: Putting my shoes on and not having to catch my breath afterwards...it's ridiculous!

What I look forward to: I'm looking forward to start working on the nursery process and organizing all the little goodies that people have so graciously given us! Baby stuff is so adorable :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Lookin' good! I just had my third in November and my tip for shirts would be to go to Target and stock up on large or xl merona shirts. They are usually made a bit longer and I always picked up a few in different colors. After the pregnancy I used them as pj shirts or for lazy days. Check their clearance too because they always seem to have some sort of maternity clothes in the clearance section :)


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