We're having a...


We are so thrilled about starting our family with our sweet little boy :)

On Wednesday, we had THE ultrasound, and I was a ball of nerves. On one hand, I was super excited to find out the gender of our wee one. On the other hand, I was anxious about the health of the baby. Was everything going to be okay? What if something was wrong?

I spent a lot of time in prayer the night before the ultrasound--praying for peace and trusting that God had everything in His hands (no matter what the outcome was).

I was definitely more relaxed by the time we had our ultrasound appointment :)

After a few minutes in the ultrasound room, the technician asked if we wanted to know the gender. We both nodded and emphatically said "Yes!"

About two seconds later, she found his little behind and said, "Well, you're having a boy!"

Once she declared this, I felt this strange mix of emotions. Relief--to finally just know. A little sadness that we weren't having a girl (although if we were having a girl, I would have felt the same way about not having a boy...I want both!!). Finally, excitement about the idea of a little boy padding around our home!

After the ultrasound, we finished up our gender reveal cupcakes to surprise some friends at our Christmas party. It was fun to mix in the blue icing and anticipate what they would think!

Here's a few pics of our friends digging in to the surprise-color-in-the-middle cupcakes:

We are so thankful that everything is looking healthy and that we are going to have a son!!


So, moms of boys, any good advice?


  1. Ah! My heart is bursting with happiness for you! I remember so clearly the excitement and anticipation of that time. The smiles in your pictures make me want to cry.

    Congratulations on your boy (and especially the good health)!

  2. Congrats girl!!!! What a fun way to tell your friends. So excited for you! :)

  3. I guessed right! Congratulations!

  4. I have two boys- they are super sweet! I don't really have any advice but if you have any questions about anything just email me :)

  5. AHHHH!!! Boys are the best ;-) I told Nathan I really think we are going to have all boys, I just have this feeling, haha (though don't get me wrong, we would be thrilled to have a girl too).

    Since I have soooo much experience with baby boys (one month now, woo!), I have so little advice. I can tell you...they are little charmers. They flirt it up with smiles and giggles with every lady they see. They fart in their high chairs and laugh at the noise. Spitting and drooling are two more favorite activities. He will smile and MELT your heart. You will spend minutes and hours just trying to get him to sleep, and then when he finally does, he will look so precious and cuddly and warm that you just want to scoop him back up again. Watching your husband with him will be precious, precious, precious. The energy...oh my...the energy...it really is something. Be prepared to get wet (at bath time, during diaper changes, and again, the slobber...). At first, while shopping, you will think "they make so many more cute clothes for girls than boys," but soon enough, you will find enough things that he will always look handsome. You will burst with pride at the little things. You will beam when little old ladies at the grocery store tell you he is the cutest baby. It really is wonderful and I am SO happy for you friend!!!!!!

  6. Yay for boys! congrats and those cupcakes are an adorable idea!

  7. congratulations! we have a little boy and they really are the sweetest:) we find out what #2 will be on tuesday! very excited!! xo

  8. I'm just now catching up on some lost time....Yay! Congrats on a boy. I have two, and boys are just the best :) So excited for you.


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