Top 20 Photos Of 2012

At the beginning of the year, I set the goal of taking one picture a day. Surprisingly, I have not missed one day! It's been so fun to look back at all the photos and remember little moments--some big, some small, some trivial, some entertaining...etc.

Although I could've chosen way more than 20 favorites, I tried my best to narrow it down to my top 20.

I'd love to know your favorites!!

Mac verses the water hose, travels + morning light, New Orleans, tired boys, mornings at the dog park, love + weddings, empty house + moving, perspective + big feet, capturing the eclipse, barbie spa, traveling to MN, the men in my life, haircut, holding hands, coffee + bed, our little bean, Influencers, foggy mornings, my loves, our sweet little boy + Christmas sparkle

Do you have any favorite photos from this year? I'd love to see them (just put the link in the comments!)


  1. I like the sleepy fellow and dog on the lounge and the three dogs in the sunshine the best but they are all good.

  2. Interesting shots. I take way too many photos, now with the ease of digital, and I have so many favorites it's ridiculous. :)


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