My Top 10 Favorite Recipes + Projects of 2012

Sometimes I blog and think, "So, why am I doing this?"

And then I look back and realize that this blog is a memory keeper. I peer back at the posts and go "oh, goodness...I almost forgot about that!"

I love how this little blog holds so many memories, thoughts, ideas, projects, and moments...

Over the next few days, I've got a few "looking back" posts. I like to look back on this past year before I jump too fast into the next one :)

Today, I'm sharing my favorite projects and recipes of 2012.

Let's start with the recipes:

Holy Moley Quesadillas: I had forgotten about this recipe, but I fully intend to whip it out again soon! So delish :)

3 Simple Quinoalicious Lunches: Even though I'm pregnant, I still need to mind what I eat (probably even more so!). All of these recipes are fast, healthy, and yummy!

Overnight Oatmeal: If you like a filling breakfast, these are so easy to make ahead of time. Plus, they are easy to experiment with!

Hearty with Barley Freezable Burritos: I'll definitely be making these again in the new year. I love having healthy and accessible food on the quick :)

Slow Cooker Apple Pumpkin Butter: This recipe is so simple and delicious. Definitely more of a fall food, but I still adore this spread :)

Now onto the projects:

DIY Dryer Balls: These are definitely a Pinterest hit, and they are a hit in our home. I've got a bunch in my dryer right now!

Sea Salt and Sugar Body Scrub: Need to refresh your skin during the winter? I would definitely try some homemade sugar/salt scrubs. I love, love, love them!

Our Kitchen Work Table: When we moved into our new home this summer, we lacked a place to eat/work in our 50's kitchen. Josh made us this table, and I couldn't be happier with it.

DIY Painted Sign: This was a gift for my mom for mother's day, but you could use the techniques to make your own painted sign. So many possibilities!

DIY Chalk Paint + My Desk: I am currently sitting at this very desk and I still adore it. Plus, the chalk paint is holding up well :) I love how a coat of paint gives something new life!

It was hard to narrow down some of my favorites, but these are definitely some of my top projects + recipes!

I'd love for you to share your favorite projects and/or recipes with me! Just leave me a link below :)


  1. My favorite 'easy' recipe from you is the overnight oatmeal! This is the best way I have found to enjoy my steel cut oats! Sooooo convenient and I can experiment with different "flavors" and seasonings!!
    I share this post with many of my friends, as we are all trying to eat healthier, lose weight and be the best that we can be!!
    Thank you!!!!!!


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