Capture the Year: Weeks 51 and 52

Since last week I was taking a breather from the blog, I am going to squish the last two weeks of capture the year into one last post.

So, be prepared for lots of photos!!

Let's start with week 51:

Last week I...

-- got a little baby practice in with a sweet little girl
-- celebrated the end of the semester with my honey. We always try and have a fun afternoon after the semester is over to relax, go out on a date, and enjoy the fact that Josh conquered one more semester!
-- caught Mac mid-nap...he's loved napping in his kennel lately :)
-- saw some darling shoes while shopping (I love little boy shoes!!)
-- headed to Dallas for the first round of Christmas celebrations
-- squeezed in another impromptu date after a busy week

Now, onto week 52:

This past week I...

-- went to In-and-Out Burger for the first time (sooo good!)
-- made caramel rolls for Christmas morning
-- enjoyed a cozy fire (Mac did too!) on Christmas Day
-- watched the boys play in the snow
-- headed to Minnesota + had plenty of time at the airport to enjoy a meal at T.G.I. Fridays
-- started the Christmas celebrations in Minnesota

These last few weeks have definitely been full, but they have been so good. Family, celebrations, lots of conversation, and other little things that makes this time special :)

How have your last few week been?


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