Capture the Year: Week 50

This week was definitely full of emotions--anxiousness and excitement about the ultrasound, joy in telling our friends and family that we are having a boy, and sadness and disgust about the shootings.

Despite these up and down emotions, it has been a joyful week for me. Not the happy-go-lucky-happy kind of joy, but the deep-seated joy of knowing that life is more than I see and that I have a good God.

Above all.

Anyway, this week I...

  • Captured Mac hanging out on the blanket under the tree
  • Found that baby J is a boy and is looking healthy (such a praise!!)
  • Enjoyed a spontaneous coffee date with Josh. We are trying to squeeze in as many dates and outings as we can before the baby arrives!
  • Worked on some blog goals and dreams while babysitting (multi-tasking!)
  • Wore a scarf because it was finally below 80 degrees :)
  • Made Jami Nato's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for some friends we were bring meals to--definitely a new favorite for us!
  • Made cupcakes for a fun gender reveal
  • Did lots and lots and lots of dishes after a week of cooking, baking, and busyness! It took a bit of time since we don't have a dishwasher ;) Oh well, a little Christmas music and a scented candle made it feel a little less tedious :)

How was your week?


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