Capture the Year: Week 49

This week has been filled with lots of festivities, but also, to be honest, a little stress. This week, I hit this I-must-do-so-many-things-but-I-suddenly-have-so-many-more-activities moment and had a little stress-crazy fit.

So, I wrote a to-do list. Even though I may have some extra stuff to do, I don't have to do it all in one day.

Now, after a few moments of dealing with my stress-crazies, I am now happy to report that my to-do list seems less daunting, and I feel like I can relax a bit more and enjoy this time!

Maybe it's because we got about 98% of our Christmas shopping done. Whew.

Anyway, this week I...

  • Celebrated 100 sales and counting with a giveaway! I'm excited for the winner :) 
  • Poured coffee beans into our filter instead of ground coffee. Maybe I need more sleep...
  • Enjoyed decorating and looking at our tree--we love our cute, petite tree!
  • Loved reading Heather Boersma's Advent devotional--so simple and good!
  • Got a picture of baby's "first" Christmas while sporting my A&M shirt 
  • Picked up this cute little table for 8 bucks that I'll use for an entry table. I'm excited to give it a new life--the flower basket just isn't doing it for me!
  • Peered at and enjoyed Christmas lights around the city
  • Went out with the Mister for a date night at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants

How was your week?


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