Capture the Year: Week 48

Wow! This week whizzed past--doesn't it always seem like when we enter the holiday season, it just starts to speed up :)

So many things to do and so little time to them!

This week was a get-back-in-the-groove-for-just-a-few-more-weeks kinda week. Since I work at a local community college and Josh is a full-time student, our lives still revolve around semester schedules. Although I'm looking forward to a few weeks off soon, the weeks leading up to end are full, full, full. Full, but good :)

Just a few more weeks and then I can sit back, forget about research papers and frazzled students, and enjoy extra time with family and family.

Anyway, this week I...

  • Captured Mac on a cool, foggy morning. This is probably one of my favorite shots of our pup--so simple.
  • Babysat and got a portrait drawn of me by the youngest--I love her interpretation :)
  • Enjoyed a quiet Friday morning
  • Had 99 sales and now 100 at Home for Hire {the shop} (ps: come back tomorrow for a festive giveaway!)
  • Went to go pick out our tree. Josh and I don't have a lot of our own traditions yet, but one of them is going out and picking a real tree :) 
  • Hung out with hubby among the trees at Lowes (yep, no tree farm for us yet!)
  • Took an awkward photo with Mac when we got the tree home (poor guy!)
  • Shot Mac getting too much lovin' from his puppy daddy.

How was your week?


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