Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

Baby size: Baby's the size of a banana and about 11 ounces--getting bigger :)

What's new: I suddenly feel like I actually have a bump! Even though there was a little pouch there before, I now have a more definitive bump :)

Symptoms: I have hardly had any symptoms lately other than feeling sore here and there--so that's good!

Movement: I still don't feel a lot, but what I do feel feels more like mini-kicks and not just flutters. I know that I'll start to feel more and more, but I just love when I can feel the little movements.

Cravings: Honestly, nothing much--do Christmas cookies count?

Exercise: Yikes. This past week I have not done so hot in this department. I walked a few times, but not for long periods of time. Even though I have time, I've been lazy about it--who wants to keep me accountable!?

What I miss: Half of my wardrobe! I'm getting to that point where my pants definitely do not fit (unless they are my super comfy maternity ones!), but also some of my shirts are sadly too snug. I know that it will only get worse, so I'm trying to wear what I have as long as possible!

What I look forward to: We are finding out the gender this week, and I am so excited to know whether we'll be having a lad or a lady :) At the same time, I know that this is also a really important ultrasound that looks for any irregularities. So, I'm a little nervous at the same time!

What is your vote?

Boy or girl?


  1. I say girl! :) Can't wait to hear.

  2. I am going to guess Boy! Either way will be a blessing.

  3. definitely a boy or a girl!!!!No I really think a boy!


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