A Few (well, 20) Favorite Moments/Memories of 2012

Happy New Years Eve Day :) Since it's the last day of the year, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments/memories from 2012.

It's hard to narrow down 20 (or so) defining/exciting/good moments and memories of one year.

This year was full of so many wonderful moments--not all perfect, pleasant, or easy. But good, just the same.

Ps. These photos are all out of order because I was too lazy to order them :)

Taking a trip to the gulf coast, visiting New Orleans, family and fire in Minnesota, moving, cousin visits, my sister's graduation in Chicago, moving into our first ever little house, 4th of July fireworks, going to our first A&M game, finding out we were going to be parents!, going to the Influence Conference, enjoying the Round Top Antique Fair for an anniversary day trip, watching planes at the Houston air show, coffee dates (one of our favorite past-times!), getting a Christmas tree, finding our we were having a BOY, traveling with my hubby, taking walks during our time in Minnesota, getting one of my projects (Train Case) published in a book, road tripping it to Minnesota (and lots of other places!)

Goodness, it's been a full year.

I wonder what 2013 will hold...

What are some of your favorite memories of 2012?


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