Last week when we were trying to shoot pictures for our "little" announcement, we discovered how much fun it was to take goofy pictures of ourselves.

Here are some of the outtakes from our silly photo session :)

Um...this one just freaks me out. Tonight, I might have dreams about going nutty and becoming a squirrel.

 Poor Mac--he doesn't get a squirrel face!

This was Mac trying to get away with being on the couch. Sometimes he's so cute we let him hang out on it for about 10 seconds ;) He was begging for more time...please....

yep. He's working it...


 Was this a yawn? Not sure. Maybe it's a new "I will conquer my enemies with one eye closed!" face...I don't seem to know what's going on then either :)

 We're weird. And I'm pretty sure it was past our bedtime.

Yep. Definitely past our bedtime.


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