Capture the Year: Week 47


That's how I'd describe this week.

Even though there was busyness like travel, cleaning, advent calendar making and such, this past week was a time of slowing down, inhaling thanks, and accepting rest.

This week I...

  • Captured the ever growing baby bump--finally starting to look more like a bump and not bulge!
  • Made a lot of Advent calendars! Happy to send them off to wonderful customers :)
  • Took a Sonic stop after a morning of shopping for maternity jeans. Why did no one ever tell me how ridiculously comfortable they are?
  • Received a crib from the family I babysit for--so thankful!
  • Took Mac to park to burn extra energy before he spent the day hanging in his kennel
  • Picked up our holiday favorites at Starbucks on the way to the Grandparent's house--it's our little tradition :)
  • Watched Josh get some turkey carving in :)
  • Got a sweet wooden tag in the mail from Coconut Robot (it's perfect!!)
  • Decorated a bit for the holidays--next weekend: Tree!
  • Enjoyed a cup of joe in my favorite holiday mugs

How was your Thanksgiving week?


  1. Looks like a great week. Love that pic of you guys with your coffee!

  2. Hey I just got that advent calendar in the mail! :-)
    I'm collecting items and ideas to fill it up for my besties kids. Guess I better hurry it up!
    Thanks for the fast shipping and the cute calendar. I know a 6 year old and two 3 year holds who are going to love it.


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