Capture the Year: Week 46

Wow! I can hardly believe that this year is almost over, and I've taken at least one photo a day :) I love having these photos as little memory keepers!

This week was definitely one of those "itching" weeks--you know when you are ready for a break (yay for Thanksgiving!), work feels a little ho-hum, and you start dreaming of apple pie and a day with family.

It's been one of those. Any of you have one of those weeks too?

Anyways this week I...

  • Caught Mac on the bed. Again. This time he was eating a hanger. Goodness.
  • Visited the OB for my prenatal visit. I always get a wee bit nervous before my appointment, but this troll nurse loosened me up! haha :)
  • Did prenatal yoga with Christmas socks on. Let's just say we have cold floors, and I love fun socks!
  • Got a car wash. 
  • Made a big batch of Artisan bread. So yummy! Plus, there's something therapeutic about the smell of rising bread :)
  • Headed out for a breakfast date with my hubby. We seem to have a thing for morning dates--maybe because they involve coffee and breakfast sweets!

How was your week?


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