Capture the Year: Week 44

Well, I'm writing this post a little late (oops!) because after writing so many posts for the 12 Days of Handmade Holidays, I was a little tired of looking at the computer!

Plus, my hunky hubby took me out on a date which included Argo (so good!), popcorn (what a treat!), and a burrito at Freebirds (a local burrito joint!). It was so nice to get out, get treated, and have some great conversation!

The date was especially needed because we had a busy, busy week last week. Between lots of tests for Josh and extra babysitting and work for me, we had a lot of crossing paths, but little time to connect!

Sometimes I love the flexibility of being married to a full-time student, and other times, it really is hard. I just have to remember that there are certain weeks in the semester that will simply be harder than others :)

Anyway, this week I...

  • Sat down and wrote an editorial calendar for my blog and shop. I've been realizing that I need some form of structure to help me meet goals and be productive. I still leave space for the unexpected and random, but with a basic calendar, I am definitely more focused (and less overwhelmed!)
  • Showed off my 14.5 week baby bump :) I can't believe I'll be 16 weeks on Thursday. Suddenly, this pregnancy is speeding up!
  • Enjoyed a little pre-Halloween festivities with the kids I babysit
  • Went to bed one night at 8:30. I was TIRED. 
  • Tried a new prenatal yoga video. It may have been a tad too "new agey" for my taste, but I still loved how simple it was to do. It's definitely staying on my work-out list!
  • Babysat a friend's sweet baby girl. She's such a delight :)
  • Caught Mac sleeping by the door. He was missing his puppy daddy!

How was your week?


  1. congrats mamacita! you look great! :) such fun exciting news.

    barbie f.


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