Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

Since it's been almost 2 weeks since the big announcement, I decided it about time to share a a little about baby. By blogging about it every once in a while, it will help me remember the little details of the pregnancy and enjoy looking back!

Here's me at 15 weeks (a little bump):

Now, at 16 weeks (still, just a wee little bump!):

Baby's size: A turnip! How cute is that?

What's new: Tight pants. I can still button them, but they aren't comfortable. Luckily, with the cooler weather, I've been able wear dresses and leggings. I think I may have to relent and go buy some maternity jeans this week though :)

Symptoms: Not much. This pregnancy has been quite smooth so far and for that I'm super grateful! I've been a little sore here and there (all that stretching!), but I really can't complain. However, I do still wake up about 3 times each night to visit the bathroom!

Movement: I've felt flutters a few times (I think it was baby), but I can't wait until baby starts kicking and flipping away!

Cravings: I really don't feel like I have many cravings in general. But, I sometimes to get moments of I-must-eat-that! The other night, I wanted white cheddar popcorn and whined about it until Josh went to  the store to buy me some! It was a small bag, but I ate the whole thing. Yikes!

Exercise: (I'm writing this category so that I make sure I work-out!) I've been doing short walks, prenatal yoga videos, and a prenatal exercise video too. I am trying to exercise 4-5 times a week :)

What I miss: Allergy meds. I had a really bad sinus headache last night and really wanted to take some drugs! But, all the ones I wanted to take were not recommended/approved meds. I also miss sleeping through the night without waking up 3 times!!

What I look forward to: I'm definitely looking forward to finding out the gender in just a few weeks. I think I may even do a poll on the blog--I want to hear guesses!! I also am looking forward to feeling baby move more :)

Everyday, I'm simply so grateful for this little life and thanking God for this precious gift :)


  1. Good idea posting pregnancy on the blog too (I love the mix!). I kept a really detailed journal for #1, less detailed for #2, and barely wrote my name for #3, wish I'd just had a blog to document everything on!


  2. You look GREAT! Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly. I love your goal of exercising 4-5 days a week. I did prenatal yoga with both of my pregnancies and it was SO helpful.


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