Advent Calendars + A Little Update about the Family of the Month :)

Since I'm feeling a little extra chirpy and in the Christmas mood, I wanted to let you guys know about a little pre-Christmas sale.

From now until November 23rd (Friday) get 20% your order at Home for Hire {the shop} with the code: ADVENT20

I've got some books, love birds, hoops, and a few other holiday goodies hanging out in there :)

I'm only listing the Advent calendars until Friday the 23rd, so be sure to pick one of up if you'd like one! There are only 7 left :)

I'm only (as of now) about 8 (yikes!!!) sales away from 100. Once I hit 100 sales, I've got a little giveaway planned :) Maybe it will be just in time for Christmas!

In other news, I wanted to chat with you guys about the family of the month. You may be wondering where November's family of the month is, so I wanted to share about some changes that will be happening over here.

First of all, this decision took me a bit of time and a lot of prayer :) During the last few months, I've been re-evaluating the family of the month. It wasn't that I wasn't enjoying having the family of the month or didn't feel passionate about doing it. In fact, it's such a joy for me to walk along side families who are adopting and watch God use my little shop to support them in a very simple and small way.

But, I wanted to take some time to evaluate the program for two main reasons:

1.) In January, one of my part-time jobs is ending, and I am hoping to replace that income with the blog/shop. Currently, my blog/shop are simply hobbies, but as I think about transitioning into a stronger business aspect, I had to look seriously at giving 25% of each sale. Although I love giving, I needed to ask myself if that percentage was taking too much of my budget or if I could sustain that percentage.

2.) Although I am very passionate about adoption, supporting families in the process of adopting, and orphan care, I am also very passionate about a lot of other things! Even when I wanted to give to other organizations, causes, etc, I didn't have the extra income to do it since the family of the month program was my entire giving budget.

Although I dug my heels in a bit (since I love the family of the month program!), I recognized that it has had its season. At first, I felt guilty for evaluating it or even thinking about ending it. I tend to be very faithful/stubborn about what I support and felt like I was failing if I let it go.

But then, after lots of prayer, evaluating, and dreaming, I felt such peace about letting it go.

I realized that my passion for supporting adoption and orphan care has not changed, but the way and method that I support it has.

I look forward to stepping out and seeing new places to give--having more freedom to support families in different ways and also supporting other causes without worrying if I'll have enough to cover supplies, costs, and the time of running a business.

For me, generosity is stitched into the foundation of my shop/blog, and I don't intend to stop giving.

It simply looks different.

Have you ever had a season change and realized that some difficult changes needed to be made? Even if they are good things that need changing?

I'd love to hear!


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