Our Anniversary Day Trip: Round Top Antique Fair

Due to busy schedules and small budgets, our anniversary trip was penciled in as fun, antique-filled day trip. We knew we wanted to get out a bit, enjoy some yummy food and unplugged conversation, as well as go to a place we had never been.

After looking at a few different options, Josh picked out (since I'm horrible at decisions) a trip to the Round Top Antique Fair...which is a nationally known antique show.

I was too busy enjoying time with Josh and picking through history to take many pictures, but here are a few from our day:

We started with a trip to Starbucks. I mean, who could start a road trip adventure without a pumpkin spice latte?

Yep. Awkward photo number one (hello arm!). This was after I had accidentally opened somebody's car door (which looked identical to ours!) and wondered where Josh had gone. Well, he was sitting in the next parking spot...in our car. Oops. I am just glad nobody was inside the car. So awkward!

We didn't really know what to expect, but after an hour or so on the road, we saw our first stop.

Here's Josh checking out the penguin lamp/figurines...we were curious about them. Anyone know the story?

I loved this table display:

After a bit of time at our first stop, we got back into the car and headed to the next vendor site.

The second stop was definitely our favorite. Unlike many typical antique shows, this site had lots of large and unique furniture (including pieces from France...etc), cool pulley lamps, painted furniture, and my favorite: metal letters!

Of course, this place also had food--so that helped it rank in my book :) Josh and I shared a yummy BBQ sandwich. I can't complain that I live in Texas when I'm eating Texas BBQ!

After another hour or so of strolling around, we headed back to the car to check out some places down the road. We did stop at a few places, but by this time, we were both a little "antiqued"-out!

So, we headed to Brenham, Texas since we'd always wanted to visit their iconic downtown.

Of course, food was involved--and it was good! We had such a lovely time savoring our meal and just talking. It's funny how a new environment (and lack of typical distractions) gives way to such quality time.

After our meal and strolling the streets, we headed home. Although it wasn't a four-day getaway or romantic overnight adventure, we still had such a wonderful and meaningful time celebrating our anniversary. I think that, however many obstacles may seem to be in your way, setting aside a special time (whether an evening, day, weekend, or week) to celebrate your marriage is important.

Marriage is worth celebrating! What have you guys done to celebrate? I'd love some ideas for our next anniversary celebration!


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