Meet October's Family of the Month: The Gibbs Family

I'm always to excited to type up the family of the month post and tell you all about another wonderful family in the process of adopting! I still am amazed at each family's story and their heart to build their family through this process.

So, let's go on and meet the Gibbs family :)

Q: What prompted you to adopt? Why are you adopting?
A:  I have always had a heart for adoption.  My husband, not so much.  He is a very loving Daddy, but worried that he would treat an adopted child differently.  I think Satan used that fear to discourage him from adopting.  But, God had different plans and changed Kaleb's heart completely.  We feel called to be parents and to raise children to know the Lord.  God has shown us that adoption is the next step for us.
Q: Where are you adopting from?
A: We are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  We have three girls and one boy now, and look forward to having another brother in the family.
Q: What are some of your favorite family activities? Tell us about your family.
A: A little about us... Kaleb and I were high school sweethearts.  We have been married for 7 years and have four biological children.  Nevaeh is our firstborn, followed by Taylor our spunky second daughter, Micah our son, and Aria the baby.  One of my favorite things to do is to read with the kids.  Kaleb enjoys being more active with them by riding bikes, going to various parks nearby, swimming, etc.  We enjoy going to the beach and the mountains, visiting the zoo, and other fun family trips.  We like family walks when the weather cools down, Family Movie Nights, and "lazy days" just relaxing together.

Q: What family traditions/activities are you looking forward to introducing to your newest family member when they come home?
A: We look forward to introducing our son to all of our favorite family activities and holidays, but also to incorporating some of his Ethiopian heritage into our family celebrations.  I'm really looking forward to learning to cook some Ethiopian meals and begin new family traditions that celebrate his culture.
Q: What other ways can we support/pray for you?
A: Prayer for patience in this long wait period would be greatly appreciated.  We would love prayer for our son, as well.  We know that before he comes home to us he will endure more pain and suffering and loss than most of us ever will.  It already breaks our hearts to think of him alone for any amount of time.

Feel free to check out their blog to follow their story or to see some other ways to support them (such as buying coffee!!)

**If you are new around here, 25% of each sale from Home for Hire {the shop} goes to the family of the month. I love supporting those who are adopting and feel so blessed to be a little part of their journey! You can read more about how that got started over here**


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