Capture the Year: Week 43

This week was a lovely week! Despite the fact that Josh's school schedule is crazy, we still had fun making the big announcement and sharing the baby news :)

We also went to Wings over Houston (a flight show) and got away for the day. Although I'm not as much as an airplane lover as my hubby, it was still fun to see loads of cool airplanes and watch the flight shows. My favorite was definitely the Blue Angels. Have you ever seen them perform? It was an absolute perfect day outside, but we forgot to bring sunscreen! we both ended up with a little sunburn--Josh more than me :)

Anyway, here's my week in pictures! This week I...

  • Made a batch of pizza dough. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh dough :)
  • Caught Mac getting after the neighbor dog--he wants to play so badly and that darn fence is always in the way ;)
  • Made my own personal pizza on one of the nights that Josh was out studying late. I was craving pizza this week!
  • Finally got to wear my FashionABLE scarf--it went from 90 degrees to 65 degrees. Yay!
  • Had an excuse to make homemade cocoa--how can you resist hot chocolate on a cold, drizzly night?
  • Bought a new rug at Target for 8 bucks. It's not as pretty as our other one, but it's clean. The other one was nasty! It also gave me the excuse to clean up my little office nook :)
  • Made Pad Thai--so good!
  • Enjoyed the airshow with my handsome hubby! I also rocked the FashionABLE scarf--it was the perfect day for it :)
How was your week?

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I think I found your blog through Pinterest. I used to know Josh in highschool and through the singles/career group. Congrats on your pregnancy-it's the most wonderful thing ever! I'm currently 31 weeks;)
    When I was going through morning-sickness I craved frozen pizza-the super cheap-o kind. I love your blog and have enjoyed looking through your projects!

    Keep it up!



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