Capture the Year: Week 41


This week was a whirlwind. I had the amazing opportunity of attending the first ever Influence Conference in Indianapolis. I hope to write up a post to summarize that experience, but for now, I am simply letting it soak in!

Although it was a wonderful week/weekend, Isn't it funny how a few days out of your normal routine both energizes and exhausts you?

Anyway, here's a recap! This week I...

  • Met my roomies via google chat and we discovered how fun it was to play computer dress up!
  • Sent an embroidery hoop off--it's always fun to pretty a product and send it on its way :)
  • Packed my bags for the conference
  • Headed to Chicago to spend the night with my sister before heading off to Indianapolis the next day. We had fun chatting, eating huge burgers, and hanging with some roomies. I adore my sweet sister!
  • I headed to the conference with Emily from The Borrowed Lark (love her!). You should check out her shop :)
  • Enjoyed the Stripes party with my roomies. Aren't they all adorable!!
  • Went out to eat with friends from the #shereadstruth community
  • I also did a whole bunch of other cool stuff at the conference (which I'll share about later), but now realize I didn't take many pictures of all these lovely things! 
  • Enjoyed checking out new friend's blogs while waiting at the airport
  • Downed a personal pan pizza at 10:30 at the Dallas airport. I had been up since 4am (EST) and was soooo hungry! 

How was your week?


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