Capture the Year: Week 40

Fall has arrived in Texas :)

I'm currently wearing wool socks, sweats, and long sleeves. I've got a warm cup of tea at my side and am enjoying the chill in the air.

It's funny how a bit of fresh, cold air puts a little energy in your bones! I feel holiday motivation seeping in--thank goodness because the shop needs a little holiday help :)

This week was a wonderful week! It was full of fun, celebrations (Josh's birthday and our anniversary), and spending time with lovely friends.

Anyway, this week I...

  • Celebrated my hubby's birthday... he had a big test at 7:30am on his special day :)
  • Went out later to one of his favorite eateries for a birthday date
  • Caught Mac on our bed (he's not allowed on the bed, but sometimes I still catch him on it...basking in the sun!)
  • Worked on an embroidery hoop for Craft4Love while watching Parenthood.
  • Made monkey bread on our anniversary for a special breakfast treat.
  • Got my business cards in the mail. They were designed by my friend, Kelley, of Kelley Cummins Design (I love, love, love them!).
  • Roasted butternut squash. yum.
  • Enjoyed a night on the town with my hubby--listening to live music, seeing our friend's art show, and eating up authentic vanilla shakes!
  • Headed to the Round Top Antique Fair with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season for our anniversary day trip (I'll you more about that tomorrow!)

Uffda. This was a great week.

How was yours?


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