4 years after I do.

Today, Josh and I celebrate 4 years.

We've been blessed to hang out and love each other for the past four years.

There have been challenging days and easy ones.

We've fought. We've made up.

We've made out ;)

There have been many date nights filled with yummy pizza and plastic plates.

We've had lots of laughs, tears (mostly mine!), and growth.

We've had stressful times and times of bliss.

And you know what...

I can't imagine these past four years looking any different! Each moment had changed us, challenged us, encouraged us, taught us, and inspired us.

I'm so thankful that God crossed our paths (you can read our story here)

I'm excited about what's in store...

Happy 4 years, baby!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Josh and Nicole! :]

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful!

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Life is filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, and marriages can't always be one happy romantic adventure. But when two people are committed to hanging together, for better or worse, that's how strong marriages are created. I say this after 32 years of marriage.


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