Sweet Simplicity: Make Your Bed

Some days, my house is messy.

Actually, most days, my house hides or shows off plenty of messiness!

Although no children (yet!) pad around our 1,000 square feet of house, messes still exist.

Piles of unsorted mail. Gunk on the stove. Shoes shoved into corners. Dust bunnies hopping around.

You know what helps?

Making my bed.

Somedays, I don't have time to scrub the stove or organize my closet. Other days, I have higher priorities than sweeping the kitchen floor or washing every dish.

So, on the days when I'm feeling overwhelmed by messiness or exhausted from life--

Or would simply enjoy sitting with my darling husband instead of doing housework...

I make my bed.

And sometimes it feels like my whole house is clean.

Sweet simplicity.


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