Not at this time...

Do you ever start something with lots of excitement, perhaps a little apprehension, and then realize that it's just not working?

Perhaps you've tried yoga and then decided the the downward dog was not for you.

Maybe you tried to give up coffee and then realized that only crazy people do that (I'm kidding...sorta!).

Well, that's basically what happened with ad space here on this blog.

I wanted it to work. I wanted to branch my blog out and accept advertisements. I enjoyed the Guinea Pig Sponsorship month and also having some lovelies hanging out this month.

But, I've realized, now is not the time.

I still feel like this little blog has some growing up to do. I feel like I want to be ready (and I don't quite feel ready yet).

Although I still want to spread blog/shop love through this blog, I'm not sure that sidebar ads feel right for me right now. I've felt a little out of my blog comfort zone lately.

I'm trying to think beyond sidebar ads. I've got a few ideas :)

I don't have anything against ads on blogs (goodness, I've had/have them!).

This is just not the time for Home for Hire.

Do you ever have moments when you realized that it was not the time?

{ps. I feel like my blogging slump (have you noticed my lack of blogging lately?) is ending soon, and I've had a lot of brewing ideas! Be prepared ;)}


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