Meet September's Family of the Month: The Braly Family

Good morning and happy Labor Day :)

I'm excited to introduce you all to September's family of the month: Ben and Leah Braly!

When I heard their story, I was so excited to write to them about being the family of the month and also to introduce them to you :)

Since they have a super-cool video that tells their story, I thought I'd share that with you guys instead of the typical Q&A.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes meeting the Braly family and sending some prayers their way!

If you want to follow their story, go check out their blog, Heart Strings Attached.

**If you are new around here, 25% of each sale from Home for Hire {the shop} goes to the family of the month. I love supporting those who are adopting and feel so blessed to be a little part of their journey! You can read more about how that got started over here**


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