Capture the Year: Week 37 (and a tale about Mac's great escape!)

Although I usually write up this post on Sunday, I decided to wait until today to scribble it up. Partly because I was enjoying a Sunday a bit unplugged from the Internet...and mostly because I discovered Parenthood on Netflix and have been sucked in. I did work on some new embroidery hoop designs while I listened to the drama and dabbed my tears.

Any other Parenthood fans out there?

Also, about 15 minutes ago, my dog got out of the yard. Our electrician left the gate open, and I didn't realize it. About 5 minutes after I put him out, I realized that he might have left the gate open and panicked. So, I checked and sure enough: no dog and gate open.

I ran out like a loony puppy mama and yelled hysterically. I didn't see him anywhere. Since he's a herder (as in will chase cars/bikers/runner), I was afraid he had chased a car to his death or twenty miles down the road. Thankfully, I noticed him about 5 houses down and yelled out. He ran like a crazy, happy, free, thinking this-is-so-fun...towards me. But, like usual, he bolted away just as soon as he got close.

Such a fun game to play your dog could literally be a car away from death.

Actually. It wasn't.

So, I tore inside and got out the goodies. In the case of life or death, I am not afraid to bride my dog.

By this time, he had ran across the road two or three times and was busy sniffing the neighbors fence. I showed him the treats, but he was still having way too much fun playing "I'm-free-and-I'll-party-if-I-want-to..." Finally, he came towards me long enough to snatch his collar. I picked him up and told him he was NEVER to do that again!

I'm still shaking a bit. One of my greatest fears with owning a dog is watching them get run over or watching them run away.

Mac has been "free" a few times and each time he ends up okay. I'm just thankful that I noticed the gate right away. If I hadn't, he's probably be in Dallas by now. Or peeing on garbage cans ten feet from our house. Who knows!

Anyway, apart from Mac giving me a slight heart stop, this week has been pretty good! It was busy, but still good :)

This week I...

  • Wanted to lounge like Mac. Goodness, to sleep all day...
  • Captured my shadow on the last hot day before coolness arrived
  • Caught Josh sleeping away...allergies have been bad around here!
  • Tried to take a picture of the shy (yeah, right!) girl that I babysit for. So dramatic!
  • Ate ice cream. It's a rare treat in our house, but I love it sooooo much :)
  • Enjoyed rainy and cooler days...and the yellow leaves on the ground. Fall come soon!
  • Got the stink eye from Mac. Sometimes he makes such crabby faces :)

How was your week? How is this one going?


  1. Okay so I learned this "dog nabbing" trick from my trainer and you'll look like a complete idiot doing it, but it's never once failed me and I'd expect it to work even better with a herder. So...basically you get your doggies attention (shake a treat cup, whatever) and then you start acting like a crazy person. Hooting, hollering, dancing around like you are being chased by a bunch of bees, whatever for about ten seconds PAYING NO ATTENTION TO YOUR DOG and then fall on the ground silent. They'll be so curious as to what happened they'll come running.

    1. P.S. I'm very much looking forward to talking embroidery with you at Influence. I haven't gotten to do much this year as I've been learning how to knit but I love IT!!

  2. I love Parenthood! and was so excited the season premiere was last week :)
    Our dog has escaped a few times from the yard in the past few weeks. It's totally nerve racking since we live on a real busy street. Thankfully we've gotten him back safely each time! and I'm glad your pooch is safe too!

  3. I don't have a dog but as I read your post I could completely identify with you. Just keep in mind that I am a grandmother and now replace the wor "dog" with "two-year-old" and you'll get the picture. No, I did not leave the gate open, I took him across the street to our small park and all of a sudden he decided he was going to run away and play. I'm not very fast and especially with my heart rapidly pounding. My escapade finally ended when I promised him marshmallows. Thank God for marshmallows.


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