Capture the Year: Week 36

Today it's 90 degrees in Texas! And according to Texans, it's fall...haha! Despite knowing that 90 is still a warm day, it feels so much better than the 100 degree days we had last week.

We enjoyed some time on our screened in porch this morning and plan to take the dog to the park to enjoy a cool evening! It's nice to enjoy the outdoors :)

This week I finally felt like I got into a groove and feel like I'm in the swing of things :)

Here's what I was up to this week:

  • Took Mac to pick up Josh at school. He loves to sit in the booster seats that I use when I babysit...he's such a kid!
  • Mailed off packages from the shop! I love trips to the P.O. :)
  • Spied Mac waiting in his kennel for his treat. He'll do anything for a treat! Usually, he goes in there and waits for us to leave.
  • Spent some time outdoors (on a 100 degree day! ouch!) with the kiddos I babysit. It was pretty out there, but it sure was hot!
  • Waited for fall...
  • Took a trip for a midday snack while the Aggies sorely lost (poor Aggies!)
  • Enjoyed a morning of reading, sipping tea, and chatting our our porch. So lovely!

How was your week?


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