Capture the Year: Week 35

Even though last week I was dragging my feet about getting back into the swing of things, I think that I was surprised to find that I enjoyed getting back into a schedule and groove. Plus, I have tomorrow off for Labor Day, so I can't complain :)

This week I...

  • Waited in the carpool line for the kiddos I babysit (it was pouring rain!!!)
  • Enjoyed a pineapple and strawberry smoothie. I seriously cannot get enough of pineapple smoothies! I have had one almost everyday for two weeks :)
  • Made brownies to celebrate making it through week one of being back at school and work.
  • Stuck scripture around the house to remind me not to worry.
  • Took Mac to the dog park and met a basset hound with a grumpy face :)
  • Capture Mac in one of his favorite spots in the yard--the overgrown garden box!
  • Enjoyed the clouds while waiting for Josh
  • Ate up yummy homemade pizza for date night.

How was your week?


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