The "Fix" for this Unfashionista

A while back, I chatted with you about how I'm an unfashionisha.

It's not that I don't like being fashionable or look nice; it's just that I have trouble doing it. I gravitate towards the safe and predictable. Or, honestly, the red tags.

But, lately, I've worked harder at buying what I love, trying to stretch out a bit, and trying new things. I know that I won't ever be the trendiest gal out there (nor do I need to be), but I do want to enjoy what I wear and purchase more wisely.

So, when I heard about Stitchfix, I was a bit curious.

When I heard that they send you a box of five items--especially picked out for you--I was definitely more interested.

How can I argue with a virtual stylist who knows what's trendy, fun, and what I'd like?

Well, I had to try it! Last week, my first Stitchfix arrived. It was so exciting to open a box of goodies that someone picked out for you. I love how personal and thoughtful this company is! I'll tell you more about them at the end!!

So, here's the rundown of what was in my box...please remember that I am...
1. Not a fashion model
2. Yep. Not a fashion model.

Here's the first item: A lovely "cable knit" tank:

I loved the smooth feel, unique design, and versatility. It's neutral with a bit of fun!

Then, I tried it a few different ways. It's so fun to try on the clothes and get to to play around with them with other items from your closet! I loved that I could actually see what it would look like with A, B, or C, rather than just guess.

Oh, Mac wanted to get in on the fashion post. He's a camera hog!

Then, I tried on a soft, white tunic. I liked it, but it was a little too see-through for my taste! But, I loved how it felt and how easy it would be to dress up and down.

Yes. I was hitting the I-feel-awkward-having-Josh-take-random-photos so... I, well, made it more awkward.

I also tried on this cute, striped tank. It was definitely airy and fresh. I could see it looking cute with shorts (if I wore them...) for a summer BBQ or party.

Finally, I tried on a darling cardigan with fun elbow patches! I enjoyed this piece, but I already have a lot of cardigans so it ended up in the return pile.

So, what did I end up keeping? I got the cable knit print tank!

There were also some cute earrings (oops, didn't get a picture!) and a free set of post-its :)

I chose the tank because 1.) I adore it and it feels wonderful. 2.) I know that I can use it in the summer and fall--that's a winner for me! 3.) Honestly, I only had the budget to choose one thing and this was my favorite!

So, let me give you a little Stitchfix 101 (if you're interested)
1. You sign up for an invite...if you want to right now, click here!
2. Once you get the invite via e-mail you can get started!
3. You fill out a style questionnaire (which is very simple, yet comprehensive) and then you can schedule a fix if you'd like.
4. Once you schedule your fix and it heads out, you pay an upfront $20 style fee which becomes a credit if you purchase something from your box. You also get 25% off if you purchase everything from your box.
5. Once your box arrives, you try everything on and have a fashion show! They also give you directions about how to purchase or return the items in your box.
6. If you want to return anything from your box, you just put it in the pre-paid envelope :)
7. You can schedule your next Stitchfix, or never do it again--totally up to you!

Some final thoughts:
1. It's easy. I do like to shop, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Or I just choose the same old, same old. I liked that I got a box of items picked out just for me!
2. Since these are designer labels, some of the items were a bit more than I would typically pay. Yet, others were in my price range. I know that they worked hard to stay within the price range that I indicated on my style questionaire. But, I think that before I schedule my next fix, I'd like to make sure I have a little more money left in my clothing budget!
3. I think this company is great for people who don't like or have time to shop outside of the home, or like me, would like some personal style help! Or, really, if you enjoy getting fun items in the mail and enjoy fashion, you'd love Stitchfix!

ps. I wasn't paid by Stitchfix to write up this post. I simply enjoyed the process and wanted to share :)

Interested? Go check it out! I'd love to hear if you do :)


  1. you are too cute! i love the outfit with the boots and jacket the bet- you look awesome! that color suits you!

  2. I love the first top and the sweater with the elbow pads. Adorable.

  3. Love the options they sent you. It seems like such a great deal :) And the one you chose is so versatile...great choice!!!


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