Take 20.

So, today I'm going to try something new.

Honestly, I feel a bit dorky and a lot out of place, but I'm going to post my first ever vlog. Totally not in my comfort zone....


A few things you might want to know before watching this:
1. There's a reason I write instead of recording lots of videos. Radio or TV is obviously not in my future.
2. I started about 20 (no joke) takes of this vlog. I only finished about 2 of them because I had trouble just letting go and not worrying about stuttering, mumbling, making weird faces, or stopping mid-sentence.
3. This video you'll hear dog drama which includes squeaky toys, passive puppy discipline, and my dog barking (he's the instigator!).
4. I have trouble knowing where to look.
5. I talk a lot.
6. I think I had fun, but I still feel silly posting this for the world to see :)
7. Enjoy.
8. If you make it through the whole video, you should win a prize.
9. My hair looked cute earlier in the day, but didn't last long in the Texas heat.
10. Oh well!

Here it is! Isn't that frozen image sooo adorable?

What are your dreams?

{I'm linking up at Rags to Stitches for her coffee date!}


  1. love your first vlog! my husband and I are looking into adoption and I am just so touched that you felt so moved to donate to families adopting. xo

  2. what an awesome cause! that's so awesome. adoption is such a wonderful thing, so awesome that you're allowing God to use you in this way!


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