Capture the Year: Week 34

This week was one of those "I'm not sure how I feel about this..." weeks. Tomorrow Josh heads back to school full-time, and I return to tutoring and babysitting. Usually by this point in the summer, I'm bored and ready to get back in the swing of things, but not this year. I feel distracted, unsettled (I still feel like we have so much left do in the house!), and a little tired. But, tomorrow I will wake up and will go to work with a smile! I'm sure once I get back into the saddle it will feel good to be back and have a routine :) I think this summer may have spoiled me a bit...

Anyway, this week I--

  • Saved Mac from the strings on the blinds. I'm not even sure how he got to tangled up, but I felt sorry for him--he was so confused! Now, I make sure the strings are high up and far away from him :) ps. I made sure he wasn't in danger while I took these photos :)
  • Organized my pantry and got a little more settled in the kitchen. I finally feel like everything has a place!
  • Gave Mac some lovin'
  • Have been reading through Proverbs. Such wisdom and yet cutting words--so many applicable lessons for me to learn!
  • Went to new Panera in town and had a breakfast date. 
  • Started working on making more stamps. I'm enjoying the stamp-making process--isn't this little deer so cute :)
  • Made breakfast in a tin--baked eggs and ham plus cinnamon pears. So, so good :) I seriously want breakfast in a tin every day!
How was your week?


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