Capture the Year: Week 33

I think I'd define this week as get-stuff-in-the-mail week :) It's always fun to have stuff delivered to your doorstep! But I did do other things than check the mailbox or watch tracking numbers...I think ;)

This week, I...

  • Made my first every DIY rubber stamp--so excited to try more designs :)
  • Sewed up these pillows
  • Received lovely flowers from my sweet hubby!
  • Worked on some artwork for our gallery wall
  • Went on a breakfast date with Josh (so fun!). Goodness, I love that man.
  • Didn't want to drink my latte because it was ridiculously cool!
  • Made Saturday morning French Press coffee with my Just Love coffee beans (which had just arrived!)
  • Got my stitchfix in the mail (I'll tell you more about that soon!)
  • Took Mac to the park. He found a poodle to play with--we are working on encouraging him to play with dogs his own size ;) haha.
  • Mac also enjoying watching the rain we've had here--it's been so nice to have some rainy days!
  • I also got my Better Life Bags clutch in the mail. I love it!! You should check them out :)


  1. You got me at the sewing machine, I'm so intimidated by them that anyone who can sew is already my idol:) Plus flowers form your hubs? So sweet!


  2. what a cute stamp! where did you make it and order it from??

    getting stuff in the mail is the best, isn't it?

    i sewed something for my husband last night. it felt SO good to get behind that machine again! i need to do it more often!! :)


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