Capture the Year: Week 32

This week was a great week---just one of those weeks that had a nice mix of productivity and relaxation :)

Here's what I was up to this week! This week I...

  • Created a master to-do list. Even though we moved in about 6 weeks ago, we still have a lot of house projects to do before fall :)
  • Painted a lot of new love birds and added new stuff to the shop. You should go check it out!
  • Took the pup and his puppy friend on a road trip to pick up the Mister
  • Enjoyed coffee and Proverbs 
  • Took (one...maybe two) power naps. 
  • Gave Mac a carrot. He likes them!
  • Discovered beauty in simplicity
  • Had an impromptu date with my cute hubby
  • Secretly shot a picture before Zumba--before I look like I took a shower and then ran through a sprinkler!
  • Finally finished our kitchen table/prep area. Details coming soon!

How was your week?


  1. jake LOVES carrots! i can't open a bag of them without him running into the room! :)


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