Capture the Year: Week 31

This week was one of those same-old, same-old weeks. I didn't blog much because, honestly, I couldn't think of much to blog about. Also, when I'm busy with stuff for the shop, I find that a lot of my creative juices are being used up. But! I am excited to show you some new stuff that will be in the shop later this week :)

Anyway, this week I...

  • Learned that warm water + Epsom salt = pure bliss
  • Went on a date with my hubby :) We shared a burger and saw the new Batman movie (can I tell you that I couldn't quite enjoy the movie because I kept thinking about what happened in Colorado)
  • Made Joy the Baker's tomato cobbler.
  • Tried making salsa for the first time. I liked it, but I think there was something off about the consistency
  • Read Ps. 62. You should too.
  • Continued going to Zumba, and I'm still enjoying it!
  • Babysat for a darling baby and watched the Olympics with Josh after she was sleeping away
  • Enjoyed coffee with a friend :)
  • I also cut my hair. I was fed up with the annoying blah-ness and took a scissors to it. I meant to just trim a few pieces, but I ended up chopping off an inch or so. Oops. It doesn't look half bad, but I look forward to a professional fixing it up soon! I also tried some curls--they kinda hide the iffy places :)
ps. this is what happened the last time I cut my own hair...


I hope everyone had a great week :)


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