Brewed Thoughts about Sponsorship and Ads

After a month of my Guinea Pig Sponsorship, I learned a few things about myself (I think) and also how I want to approach advertising and sponsorship on Home for Hire.

I want every person who sponsors this blog to feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home. In order to do this, I decided to keep the number of ads to a minimum for right now. This way, I can get to know each of the sidebar lovelies and enjoy introducing them to all of you without overpowering my blog with ads, giveaways, promotions, or guest posts. It's not that those things are bad or wrong; I am simply afraid of my blog running away from me while I'm busy promoting cool people and products!

Honestly, I want to hold my blog on a short leash! After some feedback and deep thinking, here's what I'll be offering at this time:

Feature Sponsor: $10

  • Solo giveaway or guest post
  • Social love (tweet, Facebook, blog, Pinterest)
  • Large, visible ad space 
  • Only 1 available per month
  • Opportunity to be spotlighted in the “meet and greet”

Sponsor Love: $8
  • Lots of social love (pinning, tweet, Facebook, blog)
  • Large ads show you off to my readers
  • Only 5 available so there is not a lot of visual competition
  • Opportunity to be in the "Meet and Greet" spotlight post

Heart Spots: $2
  • Social media love
  • This space is created to spotlight shops/blogs that are raising money for a cause, adoption, or non-profit.
  • Acceptance will only be given to shops/blogs that are doing this.

If you are wanting to know more about my numbers/blog stats, feel free to contact me directly and I'll send you my current stats :)

If you want to hang out with me on Home for Hire, I would truly love for you to join me! I will do my best to introduce you to my fabulous readers and send out lots of love into the World Wide Web (does anyone still call it that?!)

Click here or on the Sponsor tab to get started!

Happy Saturday :)


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