$2 Dates

Last Friday, we got spontaneous (haha) and went out and enjoyed a latte and quesadillas (after 8 o'clock!..that says a lot for us!!). It was so refreshing to go out since we often prefer to chill out at home rather than head out the door.

After coming home, I was thinking about how we needed to do this more often. Go do something! Eat quesadillas after 9 at night! Be bold! ;)

Anyway, we've had two dollars randomly floating around our house. They've been on the coffee table, end table, kitchen counter, floor, well, practically everywhere but our wallet. Honestly, I'm not too sure where they came from!

And I got to thinking that we should use that for a date. 

Go out more + Two dollars =

$2 dates.

Not free. One dollar or less per person.

After wracking my brain, here's a list of ten $2 or under dates :)

1. Go get an ice cream cone at McDonald's (or equivalent).
2. Rent a movie through Redbox and chomp on some microwave popcorn during the movie.
3. Go to the dollar theater and see a movie.
4. Check out a new restaurant and split a dessert under two dollars.
5. Visit the dollar store and buy an item for one other that is funny, romantic, or brings back a memory. 
6. Have a game night and make some hot chocolate (or another favorite drink!)
7. Spend a morning at the local farmer's market, buy your favorite local fare, and enjoy it later!
8. Do a photo shoot on the town and immediately go and print your favorite pictures from your shoot.
9. Take a road trip to a place you've been meaning to go and grab a $2 snack/drink at a gas station for road trip snack!
10. Go somewhere fun (picnic, beach, woods, porch!), write each other a love note, put a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail. Then, you'll get sappy love letter sometime the next week :)

Any other $2 and under date ideas? I'd love to have another post full of your ideas!


  1. so fun! i love the farmer's market idea the best. one cheap date tim and i love is going to the nearby lake marina where you can buy bags of fish food for something like $.25 to feed the fish. :) now THAT'S a cheap date! haha!!

  2. Great ideas! I get monthly text messages for free Red Box codes and we often turn that into a spontaneous date night since we don't know when the text will arrive :)
    I wish we had a legit $1 theater...maybe some day I'll live near one!

  3. LOVE THESE IDEAS! oh my goodness so much fun. now i wanna challenge myself to come up with some.


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