Tick, Tock...Oh, Deer!

Since we've been busy (and had a stint without Internet) since Father's Day, this post is a little late in the game. Still, I wanted to share :)

My dad recently built a new office space in his furniture store, so I thought I'd make him some artwork  to put up on the wall. While visiting one day, I noticed that he didn't have a clock, so I decided to make him one for Father's Day.

Here's what the finished result was:

The process is pretty simple! Here's how I did it:

1. Had a 12x12" piece of wood cut at Home Depot.

2. Found the image that I wanted to use as a silhouette (it would be so fun to do this with your kids silhouette's too!).

3. Before cutting and tracing the image on the wood, I stained it with a rich walnut color.

4. After it dried, I traced the image and painted in the lines. Once I was satisfied with my paint job, I sealed the wood with poly.

5. At this point, I hog-tied Josh and made him drill a hole for the clock (actually, he was quite willing to be manly and drill a hole!). The clock set I bought had a back piece that had a wall hook. So, it was important to make sure that the hole was centered.

6. Put my clock pieces together according to the directions.

7. Ta-Da!

I really enjoyed this project and am thinking about making a clock for our new place too :)


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