Pinterest, Yellow Lemons, and the Hair Challenge

Remember when I asked you guys whether I should chop my hair or not?

I decided ( may be different tomorrow) that I would cut it off before the fall semester. Mostly because I'm lazy in the summer and like to just put it up in a pony. So since I've got at least a few weeks left with my lovely locks, I'd thought I'd try some of those hair-related pins I've been collecting.

The first challenge was simple. I pinned this and thought that I'd try a natural hair lightener.

Items needed:

1. A happy, yellow lemon

2. A silly girl without make-up

3. A silly girl who is having way too much fun while her hubby shoots pictures of her

What I did:

I squeezed lemon juice into a spray bottle, added a bit (just a bit) of water, and sprayed my hair.

And I looked like this (cheesy smile included):

Then, I went out and endured the Texas sun for about twenty minutes while trying to clean a rug.

Did it work?

I'm not sure. I think I'll need to do it a few more times before I'd see any noticeable change :)

It did make my hair crunchy! That was kinda fun :)

I'll be back next week with my hair challenge numero dos!

ps. I'll probably regret posting these photos in about five minutes!

{I'm linking up at Young House Love and Gussy Sews}


  1. You're photos are great!! I tried this once with my hair and no dice- the only thing I got was the crunchy hair :) Maybe if you do it a few times though, it might work?

  2. nice blog! found you through the pinterest link party.

  3. LOL! Your pictures are too cute! and I tried this once on my hair and it really take about 3 times of doing this and being in the sun to truly work :)

  4. Hey, saw your blog on YHL! Lemon juice isn't strong enough for brown hair unfortunately, but peroxide would work much better. I have no idea what the mixture would be but that's the active ingredient in Sun-In. Word of warning though, if you have had brown hair your whole life, it usually goes orange over blonde first. If it was blonde first then darkened, you'll have more luck. I was totally googling this over the weekend at the beach and found these hilarious examples!

  5. I used to try that in high school, but it never really worked. Sun-In sure does though... a little too well. Eeek!

  6. OMGosh girl, you are so silly and I love it!!! Stopping by from Gussy.


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