I took a breather from {the shop} for almost six weeks. There were a number of reasons why I chose to take a break, but the two main reasons were because of traveling and moving.

It's kinda hard to sell stuff when you are in a different state or if it is stuffed into boxes.

I also just felt like I needed some time to rest. To examine. To recharge.

But I missed it terribly. Almost surprising so.

Today, I finally opened up shop again and it feels so good.

I gutted the shop from stuff that wasn't selling well and filled it with my favorites. Books. Treat bags. And the new to the shop...embroidery hoops (I've got more coming soon!).

I'm missing my love birds, but be on watch, they will likely fly back soon :)

Next month, I've got a family of the month waiting to share with you...

This month, I'm saving my pennies to head to the Influence Conference. The possibility (and high hopes!) of going to this blogging conference is fueling my creativity and joy in running my shop. I think that it would be such an awesome weekend of super cool speakers, learning, growth, and opportunities to meet people in "real life."

Want to take a peek at some of the new items in the shop?

Here's a look at the embroidery hoops:

Onto wedding and parties:

Finally, vintage book sets--which Marge adopts and takes care of while they are on virtual bookshelves!:

I'd love to know what you think! I always value feedback :)

Happy Thursday!


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