Capture the Year: Week 30

Wow! This week flew by :) It was busy with meetings, work, Zumba class (which is so fun and I actually enjoy sweating!), making shop stuff, and visiting family!

Anyway, this week I....

  • Finally finished and hung my chalkboard pan/sign in the kitchen
  • Brainstormed new ideas for the shop
  • Shopped downtown 
  • Made homemade pizza sprinkled with basil and feta (I've actually managed to keep my basil plant alive for more than a week!)
  • Picked up a darling vintage dresser for 10 bucks. Go craigslist!
  • Watched the open ceremony of the Olympics (I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not...)
  • Captured sunlight. Have you ever just seen sunlight and felt compelled to just stare at it? Or am I just weird!?
  • I also made banana bread and licked the mixer thingy...I guess raw eggs don't scare me. At least not yet :)

How was your week?

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