Capture the Year: Week 29

This week was a lovely week--filled with painting, listing, rainy days, sunshine, baby showers, reading, and How I Met Your Mother :)

This week I...

  • Tried to clean up my desk. And failed.
  • Painted up (and listed) some love birds for Home for Hire {the shop}
  • Bought my ticket for the Influence Conference! Whooohooo :)
  • Watched Mac grow in the garden. He's so weird.
  • Went out to a fancy restaurant with Josh for date night
  • Enjoying watching Josh do some manly yard work in our mosquito-infested yard :) 
  • Continued to spend time in the Word. I am loving this reading plan about prayer. 
  • Walked in the rain. Yet again :)
  • Joined a fitness studio and went to Piloxing ( hard!) and Zumba (so fun!)
  • Ate a yummy lunch. I was inspired by Kacia at Coconut Robot's photo of her English muffin with avocado. I spread a little hummus on a toasted English muffin and then sliced out some fresh avocado. You should try it!
  • Helped host a baby shower (fun, fun, fun!)
  • Had a late night Sonic half-off shake run after the dog park :)
How was your week?


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