To chop or not to chop

I'm in the awkward hair stage.

The stage that it just looks bad. Even when I try to flip it, straighten it, curl it, not-do-anything-to-it...

It revolts.

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who has been in the awkward hair stage.

Exhibit A:

I usually have shorter hair because A). People tell me I look better with shorter hair. B). I actually do something with it.

I always go through a I-should-grow-my-hair-out stage. I'm all happy dandy about it until it hits the cursed awful stage.

And then it gets chopped off.

Here are some samples of Nicole with short hair:

Here are some samples of Nicole with longish (I usually chop it before it gets too long!) hair:

Oh, wait how did that one get in there...

So, peeps, chop or not chop?

Or maybe I should start trying those pinned hairstyles and actually try to do something with it...



  1. Chopped! Short looks great and easier! Go for it!

  2. The short does look nice, but before you chop, try the pinned hair styles! I've tried a few and they really do come out cute!


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