Of Rest and Deer.

Today, I am sitting with the window open and enjoying a cup of warm coffee. Last week at this time, I was waking up at my grandma and grandpa's and eating my grandpa's southwestern eggs. Two weeks ago, I was surrounded by boxes, moving tape, and unpacked stuff.

The weeks before our Minnesota trip were busy, chaotic, and overwhelming.

We moved out of our old place that held thousands of memories--have you every thought about homes as memory keepers?

We handed in the key after days of packing, shoving, lifting, sorting, and cleaning (oh, so much cleaning!). Finally, we hit the road.

And then we hit a deer in Arkansas.

Thankfully, we were okay. Our driver-side mirror and door, not so much.

I thought a lot about "what-if" for the rest of the ride. What if it had not been okay? What if we missed the deer? What if....

I try and not live in "what if" land. It's dangerous there.

Thankfully, the rest of the drive from Texas to Minnesota was deer-free.

Now, we are house sitting in my Minnesota hometown, and I have the pleasure of free time, family, cooler days, a cozy house, and rest.

But, I'm finding it hard to just sit after weeks of busy-busy. Mostly because I know that we have less than two weeks here and then we'll be moving into our new little home (which I'm having fun thinking about decorating!) and life will pick up again.

Do any of you have trouble resting? Does it come easily? I get a little antsy if I feel like I'm not being productive? Anyone else feel this way sometimes?


  1. I feel ya! I am always antsy, and anxious. I feel like I can not sit down until my apartment is straightened up, and the kitchen is cleaned. Even when I am EXHAUSTED I feel like I must complete a task before I rest.

  2. Rest is a necessity. We need to think of it as an important part of life. Rest is an art which we all need to work on. Sometimes it is hard to slow down and feel as if we have permission to explore the present. Someday you will look back at this time in your life and be glad you were able to soak it in. So glad you weren't injured while traveling.


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