New digs.

Today, the internet guy showed up. We've been without internet since Friday, so it is sure wonderful to tend to my little blog. Even though the break was lovely, I truly missed writing to you all!

Since we are still very much in the moving in stage (aka huge mess and lots left to do!), I'll just show you what the place looked like pre-move-all-our-stuff-in :)

We are really enjoying our new digs and feel like things are beginning to settle in a bit. Even though we are still renting, this is our first house--we've always lived in apartments or townhomes before. So, we are excited to be in our little (about 1000 square feet) 1950's home :)

Here's the view from the front door:
(ps. these photos were all taken with my iphone so they are not top-notch)

Here are some more shots of the living room:

Here's the kitchen (which I showed you some plans for earlier!):

The bedroom:

The bathroom (with Mac discovering he could drink out of the toilet):

The office (excuse our landlord putting up some blinds):

Our little hallway:

The screened in porch:

The yard:

I'll show you some more pics as we update the place :)

Plus, I've also been picking up and creating some new items for the shop. Hopefully, next week I'll have the shop up and running :) If I can find my way in this madness...


  1. It looks like a darling cottage. How fun for you to make it your own! Can't wait to see your personal stamp on each room!

  2. Aw, I love the kitchen! It's a very cute house


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