A Date in "Guatemala"

**Since we are our way back to Texas right now, I wanted to share a story with you from our time in Minnesota. You'll probably be reading this while we are jamming to old DC Talk hits on I-35 :) **

I just have to gush about my hubby for a minute.

Just because I love him like crazy.

He knew I was bummed that we didn't get to take our trip to Guatemala. Even though we've enjoyed our time in Minnesota and being blessed by family and friends, Guatemala was really something we had hoped to do.

So, instead of hopping on a plane to Guatemala, he took Guatemala to me.

We "hiked" (more like walked five steps) to a little mountain (hill) at a local state park. It wasn't quite like climbing Volcano Pacaya, but I think I prefer Mr. Tom.

Then, he took out photos of all the key places in Guatemala and laid them out on our picnic spot.

We had flour tortillas, black beans, cilantro, and rice. ps. there was a little plate under there; it wasn't sitting on the wood :)

He also got a mango just for me and brought along some cafecito :) Could you believe he also stopped by a bakery and got some pan dulce for us too?

Of course, we had to shoot a few photos after chowing down on all that yumminess.

I loved my Guatemalan-themed date.

Sometimes it's the little things...


  1. so sweet and thoughtful! I love those kinds of dates :) and it was probably way less dangerous than hiking Pacaya!


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