Capture the Year: Week 25

Uffda. It's been a busy week. 

And I will never move anything during the Texas summer again. Ever.

Anyway, this week I...

Celebrated Father's Day with my cool dad (I've got the best!):

Started day one of the road trip back to Texas:

Grabbed breakfast at Panera on day two:

We also stopped at a famous burger joint on Route 66:

Made it to Dallas and watched Mac play with his furry family:

Enjoyed an afternoon at the mall and checked out the new Macbooks:

Roadtripped it back to College Station, Tx (after a few fun days with Josh's family) and got the keys to our new place:

Moved in. On a 98 degree day. Not fun! But, at least it's over :)

Yesterday, was filled with tons of unpacking and today has been the same...

I'll show you some pictures of the new place soon :)

How was your week?


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