Capture the Year: Week 23

We've officially been in Minnesota for about a week and we've got one more week to enjoy it before life gets hectic again :)

So, this week I've...

Watched Josh mow the lawn of the house we are house sitting:

Enjoyed open windows and scripture in the mornings:

Been drinking loads of mint infused water (I've also added some raspberries in there for fun!):

Visited with my sweet friend, Lindsay:

Took walks with Mac:

Played with the vintage typewriter my dad gave me:

Painted a dresser for the baby boutique at the local pregnancy center (my mom works there!):

Ate authentic Mexican food at our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in town:

This was definitely a lovely week filled with many unphotographed moments like ice cream with my parents, thrift store shopping, garage sales, exploring my grandma's garden, watching Mac play with his elderly "cousin" Sami (he's a cocker spaniel!), and introducing my mom to Downton Abbey (oh, I how love it!).

How was your week?

{ps. I'm sharing at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary's cup half-full party}


  1. what a great week. i love downton abbey.

  2. Sounds as though you are making the most of your time in Minnesota. Good girl!

  3. How fun to be in Minnesota at such a great time of the year. I have a vintage typewriter too that I desperately want to try to use this summer!


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