And the Google Search Award Goes to...

I've been collecting a list of weird google search words for a while now (mostly because I think it's interesting!), and when Jen over at Arizona Russums did a post about weird google searches, I thought it was a fun idea!

Here are the winners of my google word search awards...

1. Most random:
Switzerland Relationships

I know that I talked about how our stuff lives in Switzerland, but....

2. Most true:
I'm obsessed with overnight oatmeal

Well, yes I can read all about here or here.

3. Most grandma-like:
Magnet Sweater Holder

I'm even sure how that person landed on my blog, but I suppose it could be a new thing someday :)

4. Most child-like:
Gummy Bears eat Popcorn

Again, I just don't know...

5. Most beautiful:
Green Smoothie Wallpaper

I love drinking green smoothies, but I'm not sure about wallpapering them on the wall :)

6. Most awkward:
Poop Soaked up in a Cotton Ball

Umm...what? I don't even think I've talked about poop or cotton balls on my blog. So gross. And awkward.

7. Most cheerful:
Daisy Doodle Dandy

Well, isn't that sweet? I think I once wrote about a yoga mat brand that was named Daisy Doodle Dandy...

There are more, but I'll spare you!

I'd love to hear about some of the strangest words/phrases that have landed people on your blog (if you have one!) :)

So funny!


  1. Hysterical! what a fun post idea! I've got to check mine out!!


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